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What is AGN?


Statement on Afrika Global Network (AGN)

By Cde Senator Chen Chimutengwende, Chairman of AGN


Afrika Global Network (AGN) is an independent, revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist and ecosocialist network. It carries out research and mass dissemination of information with the aim of vigorously promoting the relentless continuation of the international black liberation struggle in this post-colonial and post-civil rights era. This struggle is now in its new stage or phase, and is what is often referred to as the Second Liberation Struggle of Afrika and the Black World. The main objectives of the Second Liberation Struggle are to strive for revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist unity and to fight for the total and irreversible liberation and empowerment of the overwhelming majority of the black people who remain impoverished all over the world. This can only be fully achieved and thereafter remain secure and irreversible in every country through the total destruction of world capitalism and its complete replacement by global revolutionary ecosocialism.

The term “ecosocialism” means socialism based on class struggle and that unequivocally, consistently and openly insists that the environmental issue (climate change) should become and remain one of the major focuses of the worldwide revolutionary struggle. This applies to both the theory and practice of the revolution, and to both before and after the destruction of the enemy system, which is capitalism. The policies and results of capitalism include imperialism; oppression; exploitation; corruption; greed; gender inequality; racism; ethnic and regional chauvinism and conflicts; war; violence; the strategy and tactics of divide and rule; permanent poverty for the overwhelming majority of the people in every country; and, and the massive destruction of the environment, which causes the deadly climate change. Ecosocialists are people who consider themselves to be revolutionary socialists and who uncompromisingly and actively support the total destruction of the world capitalist system and its complete replacement by world revolutionary socialism. At the same time, such revolutionaries are equally committed to and they actively work for the speedy reversal of the environmental degradation and for the sustainability of Mother Earth. This means world capitalism should be replaced by global revolutionary ecosocialism. Ecosocialism is the only term at this point in history that gives a more appropriate and fuller picture of what the revolution is all about in this 21st century than any other word.

Another major aim of AGN is to continuously explain and demonstrate why and how both revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and global revolutionary ecosocialism can and should be fully accepted and strictly followed as the essential guide and the inviolable objective for the struggle for the future of Afrika and the Black World. It is highly logical and unavoidable that the movement for revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and the Second Liberation Struggle must remain as an integral and unshakeable part of the worldwide movement of varied and independent revolutionary movements. This worldwide movement of movements is for the total destruction of world capitalism and its complete replacement by global revolutionary ecosocialism.

The Second Liberation Struggle is the black struggle of the 21st century, and this also means the post-colonial and post-civil rights era to all black people all over the world. The liberation struggle should always be viewed and organized as a permanent process. It is not an event or something that comes to an end. The struggle goes on endlessly from one phase to another, from one victory to another, from one form to another, from one level to another and from one era to another. What comes to an end is a stage or phase or programme or level of the struggle. Being a new phase of the struggle in a new era, the Second Liberation Struggle, like any other revolutionary stage, requires as a prerequisite, an up-to-date and relevant revolutionary vision; a corresponding mission and a set of objectives; and, the appropriate strategies and methods of struggle.

This means at every stage or phase of every struggle, new literature is always required for the purpose. Such literature should be updated regularly by different revolutionary writers with the aim of explaining new ideas or developments, giving new information and supporting the old but relevant ideas and theories with new evidence, arguments and examples. The aim should always be to convince more and more people and win them over to the side of the struggle. At the same time, such literature should also aim at enhancing or strengthening the ideological clarity, commitment and capacities of the old cadres and their organizations. As a result, AGN established its Research Project for the purpose of making a contribution to the provision of such a prerequisite. The Project aims at producing the details, the analysis and the roadmap for this new phase of the revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist and ecosocialist struggle for the future of Afrika and the Black World.

AGN works with and through movements, organizations, parties, unions, institutions, associations, groups and individual activists all over the world. These forces are already or would like to be actively involved in the international black liberation struggle. Many of the forces may be operating at different levels and may not have the same capacities. They work in the struggle separately or collectively or in both ways. They also operate locally or internationally or at both levels.

Aims and Objects of AGN

Afrika Global Network is part of what may best be described as the Global Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist Movement (GRPM), which is an informal and unstructured grouping of black liberationist forces. The aims and objectives of AGN are as follows:-

  1. to actively support, defend, publicize, campaign and network for the Second Liberation Struggle based on revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and global revolutionary ecosocialism;
  1. to actively support the establishment, survival and growth of revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist parties, organizations and groups all over the world, which together constitute the GRPM;
  1.   to make a major contribution to the creation and development of a   revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist and ecosocialist mass communications systems at the local, national, continental and the global levels. This includes research and information centres or groups;
  1. to disseminate in Afrika and internationally, information, ideas and analyses aimed at wiping out colonial and slave mentality among black people especially the “educated” so that they can be re-orientated in order for them to be able to give full support to revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and global revolutionary ecosocialism;
  1. to effectively contribute to the re-organization and re-intensification of the Second Liberation Struggle so that it may be in a better position to give strong and active support to other anti-racist, anti-neo-colonialist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and ecosocialist forces all over the world, and also to seek effective and maximum solidarity from the same forces;
  1. to continuously expose and act in any possible way against the current and unjust system of international relations including its institutions and the international trade regime, to fight for its total re-structuring and democratization, and to campaign for massive reparations for slavery, racism, colonialism and neo-colonialism, which are all crimes against humanity;
  1. to publicize, defend and give solidarity to the rights of media practitioners, writers, artists and intellectuals in different parts of the world who are committed to revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism, the Second Liberation Struggle, anti-racism, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, and to ecosocialism;
  1. to carry out extensive research and mass communications work on both theoretical and practical lessons which can be learnt from the victories, set-backs and other experiences of the international socialist movement especially during the 20th century and to continuously map out the way forward for the 21st century and beyond;
  1. to actively support and participate in the holding of regular revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist congresses and conferences as a way of building a united and vibrant Global Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist Movement; and,
  1. to actively support and participate in the worldwide debate on the future of Afrika and the Black World, which is taking place within the GRPM;

AGN is there to contribute to the dissemination, popularization, immortalization and the deepening of the impact of the vision of revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and global revolutionary ecosocialism. In order to effectively make this contribution, AGN operates at the international level carrying out various projects, tasks and programmes in a non-sectarian manner. This role includes research, mass dissemination of information, networking, campaigning, and supporting mass mobilization for political action and international solidarity. AGN works for the unity of revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist forces all over the world by encouraging them to continuously exchange information, ideas and experiences; to network and co-ordinate their efforts; and, to give each other solidarity in their revolutionary projects, programmes and activities.

AGN actively supports any social action internationally that promotes any aspect of its vision. AGN operates all over the world through its own Associate Members and also in conjunction with or through any other interested revolutionary forces. So far the biggest project of AGN is the production of a book provisionally entitled: “Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and Global Revolutionary Ecosocialism in the Struggle for the Future of Afrika and the Black World”.The book makes the case, spells out the objectives and guiding principles, and provides the basis for the programme of action in support of revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism, the Second Liberation Struggle and global revolutionary ecosocialism in this post-colonial and post-civil rights era. The book is based on a paper of 60 pages entitled: “The Struggle for the Future of Afrika and the Black World.” It is available at the AGN website.

After the publication of the book, the next major task for AGN as the sponsor of the book project will be to carry out a highly effective international revolutionary information and communications campaign that will continuously elaborate, clarify, defend and promote the contents of the book and other related issues. The campaign will include the counteracting of any racist, neo-colonialist, imperialist and capitalist propaganda and misrepresentation of facts on Afrika and the Black World, revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism, the Second Liberation Struggle and global revolutionary ecosocialism. The AGN information campaign will, for this purpose, extensively use the print and electronic media, the internet, conferences and other types of gatherings. Pan-Afrikanist parties, movements, unions, institutions, networks and groups will be encouraged to be the major participants in and conduits for the AGN information campaign. The aim is to make this AGN information campaign to be a major contribution to the debate within the GRPM. All this is seen here as a crucial revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist contribution to the struggle against world capitalism and for the realization of global revolutionary ecosocialism.

AGN is in the process of recruiting Associate Members. Any revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist individual or group or organization or institution anywhere in the world is welcome to join AGN as an Associate Member. The application form for the Associate Membership is available at the AGN website. AGN also works under the current Programme of Action that is drawn up once every five years. This programme is drawn from and aimed at the implementation of the aims, objectives and principles of AGN.


In the Afrika Global Network, Afrika is spelt with a “k” just as some people may prefer to spell the word organisation with an “s” and others may use “z”. While spelling Afrika with a “k” may be irritating to the imperialists and their supporters, it should definitely not be a problem to any revolutionaries. But in the first place: who decided this continent should be named Africa and with a “c”? The European imperialists did. But does that make it sacrosanct? The name “Africa” is said to have come from the ancient Egyptian word “Afru-ika” meaning “motherland”. It must be noted that “Afru-ika” has “k” and not “c”. Even today, many Afrikan languages like Shona and Swahili also spell Afrika with a “k” and not “c”. In any case, people should be free to spell certain words or choose language styles or define concepts or make presentations or express themselves in a style that they feel can most effectively communicate their messages or feelings to their chosen audiences or constituents.


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Issued on May 6, 2015

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