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Neo-colonialism as Plan B of Imperialism

By Cde Senator Chen Chimutengwende, Chairman of AGN


In the 20th century, especially in its second half, the combined impact and pressure of the “Third World” nationalist liberation struggle and that of the international socialist movement increased to such a high level that the imperialists became totally unsettled and demoralized. As a result, the imperialists began to realize more and more that direct colonialism and crude racism were unlikely to last, and at least not in their current forms then. This was in spite of their superior military might and their preparedness to continue fighting against all forces of national liberation. As usual, the imperialists worked out a counter-plan, which herein shall be referred to as Plan B. Its aim was to turn their pending defeat into their own victory. The first step towards this goal was to co-opt most of the economic, political, cultural and intellectual leaders of most of the colonies and the black communities in the Diaspora into the world capitalist system as junior partners and/or quislings. The imperialists hoped to continue exploiting the former colonies through the co-opted capitalistic leadership.

The idea was that in the former colonies, such leadership would become the black capitalistic ruling “elites” under the tutelage of imperialism. This meant direct colonialism would become indirect colonialism or neo-colonialism. Crude racism would be replaced by subtle racism. In the black communities in the Diaspora, most of the black leaders who are co-opted by the capitalist system are expected to kill or at least distort the black struggle and transform it into a struggle for capitalist crumps, which does not lead to the destruction of the system. This also meant world capitalism would no longer be able to remain just as a system for and by white capitalists alone. Western racist capitalism would include some members of the leadership of the former colonies and the black Diasporan communities in the western world. Plan B was seen, under the circumstances, as the best way to protect the interests, durability and the invincibility of world capitalism and imperialism.

The co-option strategy was not very difficult to implement because black people, like any other human beings, can also be either oppressors and exploiters or liberationist revolutionaries. It is often a matter of personal conscience, orientation, choice and opportunity whether a human being becomes an oppressor and exploiter or a liberationist, or just a passive or unconscious supporter of one of the two sides.

The successful implementation of Plan B, meant that black-on-black oppression and exploitation in alliance with the foreign capitalists started flourishing in most black-ruled countries. The capitalist class system of rich ruling minorities and the ruled poor majorities started being introduced and consolidated in most of the former colonies. The need for class struggle against the black capitalistic ruling “elites” and their foreign capitalist partner-masters became more and more logical and obvious. The black people in the Diaspora are also being divided into rich black minorities and poor black majorities. In western countries, most of the more well-to-do black people are now part of the national middle class that is white dominated. But this does not make them escape from subtle racism. The capitalist system divides people into antagonistic classes, races, sexes, ethnic groups and other categories as part of the strategy of “divide, rule, oppress and exploit”.

The nature of the relationship or the alliance between the two sides, the co-opters (the international capitalists) and the co-opted (the new post-independence and post-civil rights black capitalistic leaders), is like that between a rider and a horse. Racism is an essential part of world capitalism. This is why the black capitalistic leaders have a love and hate relationship with international capitalists. Therefore their conflicts, which erupt from time to time, are a matter of internal feuding which is normal in any human system. The two sides need each other since they belong to the same capitalist system or camp. In the process and in return, the traitorous, collaborationist and corrupt capitalistic leaders usually get western funding and protection to remain in power, and they also outrageously reward themselves from the loot and the filthy arrangement of jointly oppressing and exploiting their own people with their foreign capitalist partner-masters.

Plan B also included ideas and action plans against international socialist struggles and consolidation as follows:-

1.       Infiltration of socialist parties, organizations, groups and other liberation forces for the purpose of causing divisions and splits.

2.       Distorting socialist ideas and philosophies through well-funded research, information and propaganda work aimed at twisting the truth.

3.       Working out and implementing counter-revolutionary strategies and tactics.

4.       Sponsoring coups d’état, uprisings and even full-scale military wars where they think it is necessary in order to achieve imperialist and capitalist objectives.
As hypocrites, capitalists and imperialists, one of their strategies is to always insist that in order to economically move forward, Afrika and the rest of the developing world should first realize the concepts of democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance, which is not what they themselves did to achieve their present level of socio-economic advancement. While it must be stated that these concepts are very important for every country, but the matter is not so simple. These concepts must be qualified or defined not according to the wishes and interests of the capitalist and imperialist system. It should not be democracy for the ruling class and dictatorship for the majority.

Human rights must include full economic rights and the total liberation and empowerment of the majority and all minorities. The rule of law must not be selective and discriminatory against the majority or any section of the population. Good governance must not be in name and propaganda only as is the case with the so-called developed countries. The concepts of democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance are worth fighting for if they can fully include the qualifications that have been stated above. These qualifications are of course unacceptable to or ignored by the capitalists.

It is crucially important for the people not to be confused on the relationship between these concepts and national development and the eradication of poverty as capitalists and imperialists want the people of the developing countries to be. These concepts do not cause national development and they do not eradicate poverty on their own. The realization of such concepts can only be supportive of development and the eradication of poverty if they are made to include the stated qualifications. The capitalist definition of human rights always excludes economic rights because the capitalists do not like the state to be responsible for the eradication of poverty. They wish poverty to be left entirely to charity. This would mean poverty would never be eradicated because it requires state power and the legal authority to nationally mobilize and manage the resources and the programme itself.

The capitalists are completely opposed to the idea of sharing the national cake with the poor majority and yet without the poor majority there would be no rich minority. Capitalists want a small government with a small expenditure so that there would be no need to for high taxes. They want the private sector to be given unlimited freedom, which can only happen at the expense of the state and the poor majority in any country. They strongly advocate a state that is not interventionist and yet that is what was used to develop their own countries. Western countries economically developed partly by brutally oppressing and exploiting the working classes of their own countries and partly by benefiting from slavery, colonialism, racism and the pillaging of the resources of the colonies. In order to maintain and increase their development and the pleasure of the capitalist ruling classes, they still continue with racism and pillaging the resources of most of the former colonies and other developing countries. They also manipulate and control the international trade regime for their own benefit. All this happens with the connivance of or half-hearted resistance of the capitalistic leadership of most developing countries. Only in few countries is there real struggle against imperialism and neo-colonialism at government level.

The capitalists and imperialists also use such concepts as strategy to divert the attention of the “Third World’’ from anti-imperialist and anti-neo-colonialist issues. As a result of the extensive imperialist control, manipulation and corruption, most of the former colonies remain politically divided and with many conflicts. They also remain as mere exporters of raw materials that fetch low prices because of the absence of local value addition and beneficiation. Exporting unprocessed raw materials, which is what the imperialists want, also means exporting jobs to the countries where the raw materials are exported to and because that is where the processing of the raw materials will take place. This was the situation during the colonial period and it remains more or less the same today.

It is unacceptable that 75% of Afrika’s exports are in raw materials and 14% are in manufactured goods. It is equally disturbing that inter-Afrikan trade is only at 10-12% because of the obstacles imposed by the “donor” countries or the former colonial powers. They ensure that it is “cheaper” for Afrikan states to trade with them than among themselves. The big capitalist countries of course usually dictate the terms of trade including the prices of both the raw materials and the manufactured goods. The imperialists control the prices of both what they export to Afrikan countries and what they import from Afrika. The imperialists derive full delight from all this looting.

How the natural resources of Afrika benefit the western countries, especially the ruling classes in the capitalist nations of Europe and North America more than Afrika itself was most clearly explained by President Kwame Nkrumah in his book entitled: Challenge of the Congo (1967). More and latest information on this is also well-documented and available through the research carried out or caused or supported by the UN, the African Union, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, African Development Bank, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Global Financial Integrity, War On Want, Trade Justice Movement, Share The World Resources and others.

The problem is that Afrikan natural resources are largely owned and/or controlled by western multi-national corporations and not by Afrika itself. The foreign companies and investors are involved in massive and continuous profit–shifting, trade-mispricing and in making falsified invoices with their parent companies and others. They hide their true revenues so as to avoid paying taxes in the countries of their operations. They bribe as many Afrikans with senior positions as possible, and this makes them co-operate with the imperialists and to become super-rich overnight at the expense of their own people and countries.

The oppression and exploitation of Afrika by foreigners and some capitalistic members of the ruling “elites” also include organized crime, smuggling and outrageously scandalous fees that are paid to foreign consultancy firms. Through the unfair terms of international trade, and through manipulation and cheating, developing countries lose about US $700 billion every year. The massive illicit financial outflows from Afrika include the staggering and officially recorded $150 billion annually, which is much, much more than what Afrika gets in aid and grants. So who is aiding and enriching who? Indeed, it is Afrika being forced, manipulated and cheated into aiding and enriching the “advanced” capitalist countries at its own expense. These figures showing the continued robbery of Afrika are dangerously getting worse. It is clear that Afrika’s resources are mainly used to benefit outsiders and some capitalistic members of its own leadership. Tied aid is false aid. It helps the “donor” countries more than the recipient states themselves, which is another important aspect of neo-colonialism.

This explains why Afrika has to depend on humanitarian assistance for food and the African Union itself has 75% of its budget funded by the same foreign countries when Afrika has so unbelievably vast natural resources. The same reason explains why the overwhelming majority of the people of the richest continent in the world remain as the poorest people on earth. The question is: how can Afrika develop and eradicate poverty when its resources are being looted to this massive extent. It must be noted with serious concern that this has been the situation for centuries and it requires urgent revolutionary action.

Although the imperialists themselves are corrupt to the core, they do not agree that they are corrupt at all. They insist that they are only carrying out business to best advantage. Their further explanation is that the corrupt people are those who accept their bribes and allow the resources of their countries to be looted and exploited. This is like saying only women can be guilty of prostitution and their male partners are not because the males are only enjoying themselves!

The people who work with the imperialists or who accept their bribes and allow their countries to be looted and exploited also do not recognize the existence of imperialism. Like the imperialists, they also insist that it is one of the out-dated concepts that belong to the Cold War era. They further argue that people should forget about terms like imperialism, neo-colonialism, oppression, exploitation and racism. They should just try their best to make money by any means necessary. It is only ruthlessly making money that makes sense to them, and this is irrespective of the consequences. The plight of the poor majority does not feature anywhere in there thinking and attitudes.

If Afrika’s people do not fully unite and wage the Second Liberation Struggle, how else can they get out of this system of neo-colonialism and the poverty of the majority of its people? Can this be done through more co-operation with the imperialists and neo-colonialists or by appealing to their good senses and consciences? More co-operation can only lead to more poverty to the poor majority and more riches to the rich ruling class. The answer is definitely, NO! By the very nature of their vision and mission; oppressors, exploiters and thieves cannot use any good senses and consciences because that would defeat their objectives. Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist and socialist/ecosocialist unity and the struggle is the only way which can reverse such capitalist and imperialist exploitation. The struggle must be fought at all levels and by all interested forces,

All governments of industrially developed capitalist countries always insist that developing countries must prioritise and achieve full democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance, and yet the majority of the people in such capitalist countries are still struggling for the realization of the very same concepts. Capitalist governments like that of the US do not agree that health care, education, water, etc. are human rights. Everybody must pay for them. If the majority are unable to pay, then tough luck! It is sheer political propaganda lies and misleading for capitalist countries to say that they are the champions of democracy, human rights, rule of law, good governance and democracy in the world. On propaganda lies, hypocrisy and double standards, no country can rival imperialist America and western Europe. What has the enslaving and colonizing of other peoples, the practice of racism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and the oppression and exploitation of their own working classes and national minorities to do with democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance? Why is it that the slaves and colonial peoples had to fight for their freedom? Why was their struggle being continuously suppressed by the so-called champions of liberty in the world? Capitalism by its very nature cannot allow genuine people’s democracy or eliminate poverty of the overwhelming majority of the population in the “advanced” western capitalist countries themselves. 

These concepts, without the qualifications, are for capitalist manipulation and propaganda purposes, and are mainly useful to the capitalists and imperialists. Such concepts, as defined by capitalists for their own purposes, cannot be of much use to the majority under capitalism because of its intrinsic nature. Former colonies can only achieve genuine and sustainable development that can eradicate poverty and empower the overwhelming majority of the people by not following capitalism, but by first destroying this monstrous system itself.

The history of capitalists and imperialists is also one of committing indescribably brutal and dehumanizing atrocities. These horrific atrocities are against their own people, minorities and foreigners. This is usually far worse when it comes to foreigners especially black people.

The imperialists were so cruel and inhuman that they went to the extent of capturing other human beings in Afrika, packing them densely like sardines in shelves of slave ships and selling them as unpaid and forced labour in the Americas, the West Indies, Europe, Arabia, India, etc. More than 100 million black people were murdered on their way to the various parts of the world during the slavery period. Arab capitalists carried on with slavery for 1200 years. The Arabs were the first and the last to operate as slave traders. Slavery by Europeans and Americans went on for 500 years, but it made the biggest world impact as far as records go.

The imperialists carried out uncountable wars, butchering millions and millions of people in order to establish colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas for the purpose of plundering both human and natural resources in these territories. For instance, the population of what is now called The Democratic People’s Republic of the Congo was decreased by over 10 million people through murder, forced labour and extreme human rights abuses by the Belgians who ruled the country then. This was under King Leopold 11 of Belgium. The murdering of six million white Jews in Germany was considered by the imperialist white powers as a crime against humanity that means compensation must be paid. But the murder of 100+million black people is not considered as a crime against humanity and no compensation should be paid!! The figures are mainly from some convincing calculations by Jack Crawford in his article on: “The Missing 100+Million” available at:   

In 1763, the imperialists tried to wipe out Native Americans by giving them blankets that they had infected with smallpox. As a result, a high percentage of the Native Americans perished. European colonization wiped out about 90 per cent of the native population of the Americas from 1492. The native population was estimated to be between 90 and 112 million before the European invasions of the Americas. The indigenous people perished through war, violence, forced removals, forced and unpaid labour, and starvation by Europeans. They also used diseases like smallpox, measles and influenza as weapons for depopulation. The white racist Government of the United States of America also established the Tuskegee Experiment for the purpose of studying how black people would naturally respond to syphilis without treatment. These were 600 black people whom they had infected with syphilis! They had cheated them into believing that they were receiving free medical treatment for other ailments. The experiment was run by US Public Health Service for forty years from 1932 to 1972.

 The white imperialists always spiritedly urge Afrikans to ignore and dismiss the information that is continuously emerging to the effect that the imperialists have not stopped using infectious diseases in their germ warfare against black people. This is also known as biological warfare. HIV and Ebola are some of the diseases that are said to have been manufactured mainly in the laboratories of the US military and meant for use against black people and the poor. But the imperialists of course always insists that such information should be treated as mere conspiracy theories. Some gullible and unpatriotic black people will always accept such advice from the enemy. With such a long history of despicable atrocities against black people, it is quite logical for black people to believe that all this is true. Apart from that, it is also not a secret that global depopulation of the “Third World” especially Africa is a priority in US foreign policy.

The aim of the western capitalist powers is to easily get resources from a re-colonized or ghost continent. One of these programmes is the US Government Bio-Weapons Project for Global Depopulation, which anybody who cares can check it out on the internet. These programmes officially started in 1943 at Fort Detrick, Maryland as a secret project at the orders of President Franklin Roosevelt. As usual the projects use people who do not know that they are victims of such experiments. As revealed in many state documents, especially the one wrote by the then US National Security Advisor, Dr Henry Kissinger, which was entitled, “National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM 200)” of April 1974. The idea was to produce a blueprint that would explain why and how US foreign policy on the depopulation of the “Third World” should promote western domination of the world. The Study appealed for “Third World” depopulation to be taken as number one priority for US foreign policy because “Third World” population was a threat to US and western security. The methods of depopulation are education, birth control, famine and various forms of war including biological warfare. NSSM 200 was adopted as US official policy by President Gerald Ford on November 26, 1975.

The policy of the imperialists is loud and clear and there is no need to even to read between the lines. In view of all this, Afrikans have to continuously remain vigilant and not to accept gifts in the form of medicines, vaccination programmes, food and clothes from the imperialist powers without adequate investigations. Such programmes or gifts should always be regarded as gifts from the enemy.


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December 10 , 2014