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Back on January 1, 1804 Euro/US barbarity and savagery received its greatest blow in the Western Hemisphere. Haitians have been stigmatized and forced to pay with their life and freedom for that achievement ever since.

January 1, 2006, marked Haiti's freedom day.

Oceans of our blood has poured and watered the soil to nourish civilized co-existence on this planet earth and continues, this very minute, to soak the earth needlessly simply because Haitians were the first to counter, in combat, Euro/US biological fatalism, destroy its myth of white superiority, and to do what even Spartacus could not.

How should Haitians mark this anniversary? Who should we confer with about our awesome burden, our plight, our long struggle to be treated as human beings by the Euro/US settlers? Who should we approach about father Jean Juste's incarceration? About the UN soldiers' massacres, rapes of our women and repression of Haiti's defenseless poor? About the lies of the mainstream media and awful propaganda of the likes of Roger F. Noreiga?
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How do we get justice?

Who do we tell about the 107 poor Haitian prison detainees shot dead by Boniface / Latortue prison guards, some while still in their jail cells; the Site Soley massacres, the soccer match massacre, the Machete Army slaughters, the imprisonment of 70-year old grandmother, So A

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