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Cuba: Human Rights Ideology of Aggression

MNA Exclusive Interview With Cuba’s Ambassador to Tehran

Human Rights is a Political Justification for the United States: Cuba
Ambassador to Tehran

TEHRAN Dec. 20 (Mehr News Agency) --
Cuba’s Ambassador to Tehran Jose Amiro Rodriguez stated, “The silence of the United States towards Israel’s crimes in Palestine is a clear violation of human rights and the United States is using human rights as a political justification.”

Referring to those countries branded as the axis of evil by the United States, the ambassador commented, “Due to its independent policies after the revolution, Cuba is considered a danger and has been accused of supporting terrorism time after time.”“We have no problem with the people of the United States. Our problem is with the unilateral intrusive policies of the country in Cuba’s internal affairs.”

On the U.S. dominance on Cuba, he said, “We must study history. Cuba was a colony of Spain for four hundred years from 1499 to 1899. The United States had begun its expansionist policies since 1833 and had intended to have Cuba as its own but failed in its efforts. Cuba was controlled by the United States from 1909 to 1959 in which the Great Revolution occurred.”

“The history of U.S. colonization and its struggle with Spain over Cuba for its valuable resources such as sugar goes back to the 18th century. The United States sent a ship to Havana and exploded it, thus justifying its invasion of Cuba. This is exactly what has happened in Iraq today. In Cuba it was the excuse of the explosion of the ship and in Iraq it is the excuse of weapons of mass destruction.”

“The colonization strategies of the United States do not belong to one period. They will do anything anywhere and at any time in order to promote their colonization policies.”

“After the occupation of Cuba, the United States ruled the country from 1898 to 1901. This is what is happening in Iraq. From the year 1910 to 1959 in which the great revolution took place the governments ruling in Cuba were officially U.S agents and were continuing the reign of the United States in Cuba.”

“After the revolution, we wished for an independent system without U.S. intervention. During the 45 years after the revolution, we have been quite successful in this path.”Asked on democratic governments in Latin American countries, who were overthrown by the U.S. government such as Salvador Allende Gossens in Chile, and Manuel Noriega in Panama, while the Government of Cuba still stands, the Ambassador explained, “With the help of the people, we have been able to stand U.S. intervention. We are always ready to stand against the United States and the Cuban government has a powerful power in its hands which is the support of the people.”

“The United States knows we are ready to withstand any ideological movement. For example, American movies are frequently shown in Cuba but if you ask a Cuban what his or her opinion on American movies is, s/he will answer that American movies are trying to cover up the current problems in the U.S.”

Asked about Helms Burton sanctions, he said, “The Helms Burton law has impeded a large amount of our economic relations with the countries of the world. For example, Spanish and Canadian Companies, which cooperate with Cuba in tourism and nickel products, have been sanctioned and this has created problems for us; yet inside the United States, the government has deceived its people with such laws. They have told the people that this law is for democracy and the freedom of the people of Cuba. The United States does so because Cuba has several governmental parties and the United States intends to use these parties to interfere in Cuba’s politics and to create a social gap through privatization.”

Speaking about U.S. sanctions to implement democracy, he said, “We have already experienced the product named ‘democracy’ and the people of Cuba had a revolution to put an end to it.”

When asked how much information the Cuban population had regarding sanctions and there intent he said, “The people of Cuba are completely aware of the objectives of these sanctions and have therefore been able to depend on themselves and even advance in some fields.”

Regarding Jimmy Carter’s visit to Cuba, he said, “When Mr. Carter visited Cuba the U.S. media largely censored the news of his visit. This is what the U.S. does in other parts of the world such as in the case of Iraq and the victims of its attack on the country. This is while the United States speaks of freedom of speech and the press in its country.”

“The United States has one of the most limited information systems in the world. No one knows about the American soldiers killed in Iraq. They have not even told the people of the United States and the families of the soldiers themselves about them.”

“They create myths in order to mythicize their power. The story of Jessica Lynch was a clear example of a power setup.” Regarding Cuba’s stance regarding the International Atomic Energy Agency and our country, he said, “Our stance in the agency is clear. We believe that Iran has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. You cannot prosecute someone until he or she commits a crime.”

Asked why the U.S. did not disagree with the construction of the Bushehr power plant by the former Iranian government in 1975 when Iran signed the NPT treaty, he said, “It is quite obvious. The former Iranian regime and the Shah himself was an agent of the United States in the region. These actions are because of the political issues of the United States. The United States is afraid that the Islamic Republic of Iran might increase its influence in the region. Iran is the center of a large Islamic power in the region and has the capability of influencing the politics of the region. The United States was afraid of Iran becoming an example for other countries.”

The Cuban ambassador pointed out that it was a huge defeat for the United States when the nuclear case of the Islamic Republic of Iran was not taken to the Security Council. “The U.S. viewpoints are based on political issues. The United States does not want Israeli nuclear plans to end. This is because Israel serves U.S. intentions.”

Regarding the selective approach of the U.S. towards human rights issues, he said, “Washington has violated the human rights in the case of the Guantanamo prisoners. The Cuban sanctions lasting several years are also a violation of the human rights towards Cuba.”

“The human rights issue is a political excuse by the United States, for they remain silent towards the brutal actions of the Zionist regime and even help them with millions of dollars. Human rights are actually an instrument in the hands of the United States.”

On the economic growth of his country, he said, “Despite the pressure of the West, Cuba’s economy has managed to grow slowly and to reduce its budget deficit.”

Mr. Rodriguez stated that Sugar and Tourism are the main industries of Cuba. “After Sept. 11 2001, tourism income has dropped dramatically in Cuba. Despite all this, the industry is rebuilding itself.”
On the new U.S. accusations against Cuba, Mr. Rodriguez said, “The United States claims that Cuba is capable of producing nuclear weapons. This is while we have left all our laboratories open for inspection and even Jimmy Carter observed personally that we have nothing.”

Mr. Rodriguez said his country has been a victim of U.S. biological weapons and added that these weapons have killed hundreds of Cubans including children.

The U.S. tries to cover up what it does in the world, said Mr. Rodriguez: “Just like the way the United States is preventing the spread of correct information from Iraq, the U.S. government prevents valid information of Cuba from reaching its own community.”

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