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AGN Programme of Action


The Current Programme of Action of AGN
is as follows: ~

1.    Planning and organizing high-powered revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist international conferences whose proceedings will be published as books.

The first conference will be on "The External and Internal Causes of Poverty for the overwhelming majority of black people worldwide". The second conference will be on "The Need for revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism, ecosocialism and the Second Liberation Struggle of Afrika and the Black World". The third conference will be on "The Current Imperialist Philosophies and Strategies on How to Control and Exploit Developing Countries".

The aim of the conferences will be to identify the problems and prospects, and analyze and show the speedy way out of the poverty of the overwhelming majority of the people of Afrika and the Black World. The participants of these conferences will be a selected number of politicians, revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist activists, social scientists and senior media practitioners who are committed to revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism, anti-imperialism, anti-racism and the replacement of capitalism by ecosocialism. The conferences will be organized either by AGN on its own or jointly with other interested organizations. AGN will also actively promote the holding of the Pan-Afrikanist Congresses as mass events and any other such global revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist and ecosocialist encounters.
2.    Designing and implementing projects aimed at the following:~

2.1   conscientization and mobilization of the Afrikan people in the continent, the Afrikan Diaspora, and the allies and friends of black liberation struggle internationally. The aim is to make all of them effectively support revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism, the Second Liberation Struggle and the establishment of a revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist “Ecosocialist People’s Republic of Afrika (EPRA), which would serve as a secure and invincible base for both the black liberation struggle in the Diaspora and the global ecosocialist revolution;

2.2    effectively contribute to the establishment and development of a powerful, revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist and ecosocialist mass media systems at local, national, regional and global levels; and,

2.3     fighting against mental colonization, slave mentality and estern propaganda through revoulutionary Pan-Afrikanism and ecosocialism.
3.      Carrying out research, information work and campaigns aimed at elaborating, clarifying, defending, publicizing and promoting the struggle for revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist unity and the total and irreversible liberation and empowerment of the overwhelming majority of the black people who remain impoverished and disempowered all over the world.
4.     Carrying out research, information work and campaigns on the democratization of the international relations system including its institutions and the trading arrangements, exposing the exploitative nature of North-South relations, and promoting South-South relations and Third World revolutionary solidarity.
5.     Continuous updating of AGN's website with published and unpublished documents, press releases, book reviews and any other relevant information. Some of the press releases, articles, etc. will also be for any other interested media of mass communications internationally. Funds permitting, a French language version of the website will be created. Both the French and the English versions will also be made interactive eventually.

6.     Identifying and/or encouraging and supporting the setting up of revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist structures or organizations in different countries all over the world.

7.    Carrying out a continuous recruitment drive for Associate Members for AGN and compiling an extensive international mailing list for information dissemination resulting in the creation of a formidable networking process which is essential to the realization of the aims and objectives of AGN.

8.     Carrying out income generating and fund-raising projects for financing AGN operations.


Issued on February 10, 2015

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